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(ϟ) S T U P E F Y

"Tapunan daw ng ibang school ang school ko?"

Let me tell you about this Fuckery!

I am not only including Benilde, but this post includes those school who are being stereotyped by other people.

So, when one of my friend told me where Am I studying I told him “In CSB” then he replied “Tapunan naman ng La Salle yan eh bakit diyan??” Then I asked where he study then he said his school and I was like, is that shit really exists? Like you’re insulting my school and your school, once and for all, doesn’t have that prestigious shit!

I don’t give a fuck to where you study so stop mind-fucking and insulting my school because in my school I know I am safe, I know I can achieve better things that YOU CAN and I know I can graduate because it’s a good school! And yours, UGH. 

So when someone is insulting your school in front of you don’t fucking care about what they’re gonna say because they’re just a jealous bitch!

They can’t afford standard that your school is offering. They’re retarded! They’re in a boring ass stupid university!

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